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Criminal justice

We have a specialist criminal justice team who work closely with the Police and Probation services. If you have a history of offending, our team can offer you specialist support and a range of community-based interventions that can help you on your rehabilitation journey.

Arrest Referral

If you are arrested and detained in custody, you can speak to one of our workers. We work in the police custody cells, to offer anyone with a drug or alcohol issue support and access into treatment. We also talk to people who are arrested for trigger offences and test positive for opiates or cocaine. We can support you to access treatment, and work together to decide on the most effective treatment option for you.

Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR) and Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR)

These structured programmes include wide-ranging additional support services to help people to overcome the causes of their substance misuse and offending, and rebuild their lives in the community. ATR and DRR are community sentences that require offenders to attend a drug or alcohol treatment programme, with regular testing, for between three to six months as an alternative to prison.

Prison Link

We have close links with local prisons, and work together to support people who are being released from prison who may need support with their drug or alcohol use. We work hard to ensure the transition between prison and the community goes smoothly, and offer you the support you need before, during and after your release.

Online advice and tools

Tips to help you cut down or stop drinking or using drugs, or just stay safe and healthy.

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