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Group Work

We have lots of different groups throughout the week. We know that group work can be powerful and we have really good feedback from people who have taken part in our groups. We use a wide range of insightful and impactful tools designed to get you the best possible outcome in your recovery journey.

Our groups will help you to challenge the way you think and feel about drugs and alcohol and help you break free from addiction and addictive behaviour patterns. They can help you to be assertive and to build your self confidence and your self esteem. Your recovery coordinator will tell you about the groups we offer, and will support you to take part.

Here is an overview of our groups:

Group Timetable 2018

The groups have changed how I think. Now I can deal with situations, I stop and think and use the techniques I’ve learnt. They really have changed things for me. I’m clean for the first time in 20 years.


Criminal Justice

We have a specialist criminal justice team who work closely with the Police and Probation services.


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Custody Life Chances

North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare Trust​, have worked with Junction 15 Films to put together this thought provoking short film...

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